Engine Color Input Requested

The Engine Committee desires to move away from the current white over red color scheme on our new engines.   It is the intent to also apply the newly chosen color scheme to our new ambulance, which is set to be ordered in the next one to two weeks.  Based on what we have seen in  other fire trucks (both locally and at FDIC), and input received from some department members, we have narrowed the selection down to two preferred choices.   We also desire to reduce the amount of shiny, chrome surfaces to improve durability and reduce needed upkeep.  We are now seeking input from the rest of the department to aid us in making our decision.  

We kindly ask for anyone interested in giving input to submit their vote using this web page.  Voting is anonymous.  We also invite you to comment - your comments are not anonymous.    This poll closes on the afternoon of May 31st, so don't delay.

Please note these drawings do not necessarily represent the style of the striping or lettering, only the color.  Stripes and letters will be decided after the general color scheme is chosen.

What color scheme do you prefer?
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Comments (2)

  1. Tim Congdon

    I actually like some traditional chrome too, and will offer an unsolicited vote for alloy wheels instead of painted steel of any color.

  2. Tony Del Rio

    I like chrome. I Never saw anyone fuss over the chrome, nor has anyone paid particular attention to it, and I haven’t noticed it rusting or dulling–Other than the diamond plate. LEAVE IT.

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